TING our lao da & ct rep. CHARMAIN the class bimbo. SHERLENE the big time slacker. JASMINE aka sheepy. YEEWAH the wah wah . NING aka babara =p . VIT the elephant. KIM CHOO the walrus. QING our ex-ct rep. MABEL sweetie. WENLIN baby. JESSICA honey. MELISSA SY the rock chick. the princess NATHELIE. MELISSA LJ kiwi. GEOK TING the bear. HUI LENG ex-asist ct rep. LYNETTE the only councillor in class. LINAH and her darn cool spects. WENYU the guitar club president. VANESSA the cutie. WEITING our dedicated treasurer. We Are The Fantabulous 04A4A Girls. From The BEST ARTS CLASS. absolutely love acting bitchy and gossiping about others. totally into sports & music. love eye-candies (both guys & girls!). Wednesday is all-nerds day, so join us in our spects-wearing session.

*sherlene;*ning;*04a4a guys


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Sunday, April 03, 2005
This Is BorinG....Where's EveryboDy??

we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 1:21 AM

Sunday, March 20, 2005
Poor LittLe Pussy... Hai~

we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 12:30 AM

Tuesday, March 15, 2005
this entry's gonna be quite private. but i dun care. i need to flush out thoughts frm my mind.

confusion hit me square in the chest yesterday and i realise i dun lyk him that much. what i felt last yr probably isn't gonna come back anymore. and if it's so, let it be.

freak he jus msg me. and i realise i'm showing him a little attitude in my msgs. is he so dumb as to not to notice? den there's no connectivity. no heart-to-heart chemistry. i'm still a stranger to him. he's still discovering me. and it's taken nearly 3 months. LONG SHOT. and i can tell you right now i'm not prepared to wait.

stories abt him have bitter endings. books abt him have torn pages. dreams abt him are shattered.

i jus feel i wan to distant myself away. he's not making me feel lyk wanting him more. if he is then maybe...... SIGH. **** was so much sweeter. ******* is the sweetest. SIGH. guys, lyk seashells on a SINGAPORE beach, you can almost never find a perfect one.

J***** is the sweetest, fruitiest, most bublicious.


we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 9:09 PM

Monday, March 07, 2005

My WonderfuL OG9~ Haha!!

we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 1:10 AM

TaufiK and Us~

we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 1:05 AM

Sunday, March 06, 2005
Hey.... u all watched tat movie??! i wanna watch it too... how was it??

and Hitch was farnie...watched it on sat wif my OG and her frens...and so coincidence met Ning, she was oso watching e same movie...Haha!!

Ning, how was e Bai Yun Gang?? nice rite? hope it changed ur perception..... i tink e 1st short show was v farnie...Hehe!!

hmmm.........dunno wad else happened...quite boring la....anyway, Mondae hav frenLy match wif SRJC, wed got frenLy match wif CJC...yeah!!! Haha!! can visit my frens...Hehe!! wanna watCh??? Hehe!!

anyway, 17th march or aft tat must must go watch SpongeboB Sq Pants Movie ah!!! And i'm satisfieD tat i got a C6 for chinese!! Yeah!! i'm free of chinese le.... Sin Yi oso told me Char went arnd shouting tat she got F9 for chinese...farnie ah!...Haha!! Hav Fun...Take care...


we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 10:03 PM

Saturday, March 05, 2005
i got C5 for chinese. *:)
and Merit for CL aural/oral. *:(
only 2 person in 04a4a have to retake CLAO - brandon & charms. gd luck peps!

it's a beautiful cloudy saturday morning. hope it turns out as pretty as it seems. *:) i woke up just to discover my phone died cus i didn't charge. *:P bad omen? nah, i'm not gonna let it bring me down. *:)

will be watching BAI YUN GAN with irene + cheryl + waf later. waste time. shouldn't have agreed to go. tix so ex!! $8. regrets. should have save that eight bucks for Romeo & Juliet by the bay.

watched LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS with 2 of my fellow PVCs yesterday - sher & char. i think it's not bad. come to think of it the story's quite dark. but i love the characters and their costumes!! *:P

we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 11:02 AM

Thursday, March 03, 2005
Hey, todae's movie in e library was damn farnie lor...even though it was damn lame and stupid....was oso v fun to watch it together wif so many ppLe behind us... Like suddenLy so many ppLe appeared behind us... was abit scared e librarian wouLd come and chase us away, but luckily she wasn't there!! Haha!! Had fun watching Scary Movie 3...Haha! next time borrow other nicer shows ba...try to get White Chicks...Hehe!!

Take Care ppLe!! aLL e best for our Chinese A'LeveL results and e JC2's A'LeveL resuLts.....aLL e best to Peicai bbaLL team to win e zone champions....aLL e best to NYJC BBGT, if got luck then can win AJC bball frenly match, which is v unlikely...Haha!!

- why am i e onli one blogging?!

we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 4:10 PM

Monday, February 28, 2005
Hai~ some get good resuLts,
some get bad....
nothin can be done to change it....
ppLe come and gO....
just hav to move on,
make new frens and keep e oLd...
it's a pity....
be happy wif e resuLts u hav....
And those tat didn't get wad they wanted...
It's ok...
God has pLanned stuff for u....
CheeR uP....

Haha!! dunno y i wrote those nonsense..Hehe!! WeLL, everybody's stressed abt their results, disappointed wif them (although they got like single digit)....some parents are controlling them and aLL...so poor thing... i'm also just abit disappointed Jamie didn't do as well as expected..anyway, hope she gets into a good poLy and does well in the course she likes... she can either choose to go to a lousy JC, or into a good poLy...which on to choose?? it isn't e end of e world!! it's ok!! wadeva la....

anyway, wanna go out watch movie or go shop...Hehe!!

Spongebob Square Pants is coming ouT, 17th March!! Haha!! Have Fun!! Tc...


we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 9:20 PM

Sunday, February 27, 2005
Hai~ of course we have to stay caLm and cooL, that's us.....er cannoT make our haiR messy, or break a naiL becos of fighting wif them, we'LL just hav to hirE professionaLs to go deaL wif them...Haha!!!

JusT forget abt them La....waste our time to go fight wif them...Hehe!! theY are just smaLL kids...y botheR?

hmmm...enjoyed watching Constantine wif aLL of u yesterdae, FINaLLy... Was a damn cooL movie...although aLittLe gross at times..greaT movie....farnie at timeS too..Hehe!! hope u aLL enjoyed it Too.... and must find time to go take neoprint together..we havn't done it yet...aft soooooo long..Hehe!!

aLL e best for ur econs test tmr...i tink i'LL faiL terribLy....hai~

I'm gonna miss my dear J1 frens from my OG9 and bbaLL....IF they leave...so pLs dun leave NY...just staY here...Hehe!! accompany me....Haha!! aLL e best for their resuLts, get enough to stay in NY but cannot get into other better JCs...Haha!! sorry.....

Take cares ppLe!! neeD to find time to go to e doc....cya!!


we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 4:50 PM

ya we aRe friggiNg pisseD! by those smaLL chiLdish littLe kidS. damn. but as i said.. they are juz a bunch of idiotic uncivilisEd KIDS.. so we shouLd juz ease our angEr. its not tat we dUn dare to fight.. its a matter of principle. we ARe civilisEd ladies. we dun use our hands.. especiaLLy on kids. The PVCs simpLy rox.

eCons test tml.. dun understand a singLe shit about nationaL income.
remember to study for the teSt bAbes. gooD luck!


we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 1:53 PM

Saturday, February 26, 2005
hello. watch out.

the PVCs are out SHOPPING.
were on the mrt to bishan when this group of whitley or whitney (see, the sch so ulu i dun even know how to spell the name) girls have to come disrupt.
so the PVCs got so friggin pissed, we got into our individual B.Fs. (taking academics to attack them) .
then one of them turned and 'tiao' wahwah. WHO THE HELL SHE THINK SHE IS MAN! we PVCs dun get 'tiao' for any reason k. before we alight thoses poonehneh-s spoke in broken mandarin: dun dare to fight say so la, what uncivilised..

oh well, it just goes to show how uncivilised they are.
and PVCs kept our cool. well done babes!

the PVCs ARE cool. *:)

we gel our hair & shave our armpits again`]
at 10:50 PM

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